Saturday, October 9, 2010

Poem #277

Hey guys :)
Hope everyone's having a great weekend! enjoy today's poem :)
Only 22 more days until 300 :)

A New Life
I wish I could start a whole new life,
Be someone different, live differently.
Make it so nothing in my past has happened.
I could live the way I truly want to,
Shape my life into something I’m happy with,
Instead of continuing a life I don’t want.
I could escape my world, my troubles.
Wouldn’t have to deal with all the problems I face.
A new life would be the best thing for me,
Giving me a chance to start over my life,
A life I feel like I have messed up.
A second chance at happiness,
Creating a life that actually has somewhere to go.
I feel like I have messed up.
Like nothing good will come from my life.
I might be able to find my place in the world,
Figure out my purpose.
My life would go in the right direction.
Instead of a steady, uncontrollable ride down hill.
But I can never restart this,
So I’m stuck where I am now.
I can’t start my new life.

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