Monday, October 11, 2010

Poem #279

Today's my parents anniversary! :) These past few days have been non stop anniversaries!
Just a quick note, some of you may have noticed that I've been making videos of recitations of my poetry :) If you're interested in seeing them, check them out on my Youtube channel:

Summer Romance
Three months of freedom, warm weather,
Lots of time to take a break and relax.
But your heart is far from taking a break.
Out one day and you meet him,
And suddenly, you’re pulled into a whirlwind.
Excitement, love, passion.
These things have been added into your summer.
Emotional, exciting, this is all new,
Never has this happened to you.
You spend the summer together all the time,
Together through thick and thin,
Riding the emotional roller coaster.
Everything is going so fast,
Your mind is spinning,
And you can’t believe the way you feel.
You love him, you truly do.
Spending the summer in each other’s arm,
Barely out of each other’s sight.
You never want this summer to end,
Or this romance,
This summer romance.

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