Thursday, October 14, 2010

Poem #282

Hey everyone! :)
Today's poem is a fun rhyme that I decided to write because recently, I've done a lot of baking of my favorite treats :) Hope you enjoy it!!

Holiday Baking
The holidays have arrived, all the family is here,
My favorite part is baking, at this festive time of year.
The smells are so delicious, this time of year is the best.
Baked goods at this time taste better than the rest.
Cookies, cakes, and pies, I love a tasty treat,
Everything we make will taste amazingly sweet.
Keep on cooking, making anything you think,
Will be perfect to go with your favorite drink.
This time is so exciting, I’m having so much fun,
I wish I could keep baking until the day is done.
The family gathers around and they will be taking,
Many of your treats from your holiday baking.
By the end of this, you’ll feel you’ve gained some weight,
But it was all worth it to celebrate this date!

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