Friday, October 15, 2010

Poem #283

Good Afternoon everyone :)
Ahhhh there are only 17 more days until 300 poems are up :)

You, the one who knows me better than most,
Always helps me to feel better no matter what.
I care about what you think and say,
I value your opinion and advice.
Just having you listen for a moment,
That can help me immensely.
And we always have so much fun hanging out.
But I feel, as the years have gone one,
Like we barely see each other.
Like you no longer care, you don’t want to help,
Even though I try to help you.
You don’t listen to what I have to say anymore,
And you never want to hang out.
Trivial matters have taken you away from me, your family.
I miss the old times, the old you.
I wish we could go back to our young days,
When nothing seemed to be wrong.
Now you are having an amazing time,
But me, someone you cared about, is in trouble.
Hurting, dying inside, needing your help.
And you never seem to notice,
So I keep my mouth shut.
But no matter what,
I will always be here for you.

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