Saturday, October 16, 2010

Poem #284

Hey Everyone! Hope you've all been enjoying your weekend!
I had to go out really early this morning to school to take PSATs which kind of stinks on a Saturday but they went really well and I got to go to the mall with Liz after!! :) So today wasn't too bad after all :)

Smashed into pieces,
Broken up beyond repair.
He hurts inside, all over ache.
She cries out, need help.
Someone needs to help mend the piece,
Pull them back together,
So the pain can stop, hearts can beat.
He’s filled with anger, pain.
She finds it hard to breath.
He fights to get through the day.
She hides up in room, alone.
They keep quiet, stay away from things,
Because they don’t feel strong,
They are hurting, trying to heal,
And they are worn out.
Sick of crying over what happened,
But they can’t stop,
Because they feel crushed.

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