Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Poem #287

Heyy everyone! :)
I decided today would be a nice day for a fun rhyme! Today's been a good day :) Hope you've all been having a great day too, and enjoy the poem :)

College is where you go to learn.
After eighteen years, it’s finally your turn.
After careful searching you’ll find your school.
When you do, you’ll feel really cool!
It’s exciting on your first day.
And you’ll find out where you’re going to stay.
It takes a while to get use to the masses,
And to find your way to all of your classes.
Working hard to finish your studies.
Going places and hanging out with your buddies.
Sometime your classes can be tough,
And life might feel a little rough.
After graduation you’ll cheer so loud.
You know that you will feel very proud!

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