Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Poem #288

Good Morning everyone :)
Today's poem is up super early as you can tell! I have a lot of free time before classes today so I thought, why not get today's poem up? :) Hope you all enjoy it!

Speak out, let your voice be heard.
You have so much to say to the world.
Stories to tell, messages to give,
And you can show us who you are.
Let out that voice of yours.
The beautiful sounds, melodies,
Everything that wants to pour from your lips.
Share your gift of speech,
The poetic words that flow through your head,
Those that want to burst free,
The phrases that so desperately need to be shared.
Let it out, let it all out.
Don’t bottle up those words inside.
Express yourself before it’s too late.
Those thoughts and words of yours,
The ones you deemed insignificant,
Those are what we want to hear,
The ones that are so valued.
Don’t be afraid.
Let out your voice.

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