Friday, October 22, 2010

Poem #290

Hey guys! Happy Friday :)
I had a break in the day so I thought I get today's poem up a little earlier! :) Hope you all enjoy it! 10 days until 300!! :)

Going Home
Traveling back down the long road,
One I haven't gone down in years.
Turning around, back to where everything began,
Where my whole life started out, the good times,
And when my life began to spiral out of control.
As I take the road back here,
All the memories are dug up in my mind,
Pulled up out of the depths where they hid,
Or at least where I tried to hide them.
Old fights are brought back to life,
Previous scars, wounds open up again,
And scream out in pain.
Aged tears that were dried up,
Have suddenly been refreshed, renewed,
And fall down my cheeks once more.
How can I be going back to a place holding this much pain?
And suddenly, the answer becomes clear.
All the good times, the laughs,
The friendships, love, jokes, stories,
Family gatherings around the table or the fire.
Long nights spent talking together.
And I begin to realize,
I am happy to be going home.

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