Monday, October 25, 2010

Poem #293

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! :)
Today's new poem definitely ties into the feeling of today (A.K.A. Monday Feeling! haha)

Long Day
It's been a long day,
All work and no play.
I had a short break for lunch,
But I only got a quick little munch.
I feel like I've not slept in over a year.
It seems like I've spent my whole life here.
I'm tired of working, I need to rest.
A few days off would be the best.
The day has been dragging on and on,
And now the sun is completely gone.
As I finish this project, I'm nearing the end.
My ride home is just around the bend.
This is the tale of my long day sorrow.
I finally got home but now it's tomorrow!

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