Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poem #294

Good morning everyone :)
Today's poem is about something very important, telling the truth. We should all tell the truth and if we don't we should know that we have to face to consequences. This poem is based of something that happened to me and a friend that I had once trusted. (video to go with today's poem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_7JjW4PynU)

The Truth
Telling me things all of the time,
Trying to explain your actions.
Saying why you did that, said those things,
And trying to make yourself look better,
Boosting your popularity is all that matters to you,
So you will say anything you want.
Exaggerating the details of an event,
Or trying to make yourself look innocent.
You won’t let anything get in the way,
Of the good reputation you think you have.
But you are constantly living a lie,
In denial of what you actually did.
You think everyone believes your side of the story,
But we can all see how much you are lying,
And no one will ever be able to believe you.
You are just making things harder for you,
Instead of easier like you think.
If you would just tell the truth,
You could have kept your friendships,
And things could have been different between us.
We might still be talking.

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