Thursday, October 28, 2010

Poem #296

Hey everybody :)
So glad the week is almost over. I don't know about you guys but I feel like this week has been extra long! Not really sure why though. All I know is, tomorrow night, I'm gonna be the laziest person on the face of the planet! haha :)

Holding Onto The Past
You can't leave it alone,
Your every thought is about what happened,
You can never keep your mind in the present.
Concentration is difficult when you can't think straight,
Focus on the situation at hand.
Attached to the memories from the past,
You won't let them go, not matter what.
Even the bad memories that haunt you,
You still hold them too.
I can see it is upsetting you, hurting you.
You need help to forget the past years,
To live in the moment, in the present,
And not in moments that you can't change.
It's all over and done with,
None of it matters anymore.
What's done is done, and it will never be different.
So come back to the present,
And stop holding onto the past.

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