Monday, November 1, 2010

Poem #300

HAPPY 300th POEM DAY! haha :) and happy nanowrimo!
Hope everyone enjoyed the Halloween poem and had a good Halloween :) Here is the special 300th poem :)))) enjoy!

Somewhere you can call our own.
A haven, a safe place for you to go.
A refuge for you to live in for years.
Somewhere to go after a long hard day,
Where you will always find comfort.
You can be on your own, or with family.
Rest and relax in solitude,
Or have lively conversations around the dinner table.
A shelter from the elements, warm or cold,
Comfy, welcoming to all visitors.
Full of love, happiness, family, and cheer.
A place where you come from,
Far away or very close by.
Filled with memories from many years and generations.
Origins, the place where everything started.
Holding your story, lifetime,
Your home.

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