Friday, November 5, 2010

Poem #304

Hey everyone :) Happy Friday! Hope you're all doing well!
I'm so excited. My novel is coming along really really well. I'm already at 38,000 words! if you want to check out my progress, see this link: :) At the end of today's poem post, I will post an except from my novel. Also, I have a new poem video posted up if you want to check that out as well :)

Spiraling up into the sky.
Circling around and around.
Morphed, changed into something else.
My words, in your hands,
You twisted them to use against me.
The thoughts twist around in his head,
And his mind becomes twisted.
Ivy curls up the sides of the house.
There are so many meanings for this word.
But none of them hurt as much,
As how you used it,
To hurt me with my own words.

Excerpt: A few hours later, I heard soft footsteps coming toward me through the grass and Ben sat down beside me. I sat up and looked at him as he looked back at me. We didn’t say a word. And suddenly we were locked in an enormous hug and we just sat there in each other's arms for a while and I started to cry. I even saw a few tears slip down Ben’s cheeks onto the roses beneath us. It was like we hadn’t seen each other in years and all the emotions that had been stored up came pouring out in one big rush. We didn’t even need to say anything, we knew it all already, and we already understood each other. So I we just sat there in silence and I melted into his tight, comforting hold.

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