Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poem #309

Hey guys :)
Well, I had already written the 50,000 words I need for nanowrimo!! :) I'm still not done my novel so I'm going to keep writing but I hit my goal which is awesome :)

Going My Way
I finally want to go my own way.
I don’t always want to stay.
It’s time to be free, to break out,
Discover what this life is all about.
I love where I am but I’ve got to let it go,
Travel the road that I don’t really know.
Go places I’ve never gone before,
Live, love, learn a lot more.
Jump into the world with an open mind,
And see everything I never could find.
Break the chains tying me to the ground,
Get the chance to finally fly around.
I take to the sky and fly through the air,
Knowing that in a very short time, I’ll be there.

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