Sunday, November 14, 2010

Poem #313

Hey Everyone :)
I don't know why but today has felt super long. It's been a lazy day for me :) well, except for choir this morning. The organ died in the middle of our second piece! :O So that was definitely interesting! haha :) But my choir director and choir were great and we still were able to finish up the service quite well :)

Take the time to look at the sights around you,
Let your mind breath in the beauty.
Keep your eyes open so you never miss a thing.
Learn the full story of life,
Don’t keep yourself in the dark,
Not pay attention to what’s going on.
Use your sight to see what those you love feel.
They might be signaling for your help,
And you may never notice.
Use your sight to see inside yourself,
To learn how you work, what you’re like,
What’s going on and how you are feeling.
This sight inside you can help outside as well,
Help you to relate to others and help them.
Sight is important, both outward and inward,
And we take it for granted.
Use your sight for all it’s meant for.

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