Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Poem #315

Hey Everybody :)
For today's poem, I wrote a fun rhyme about life :) Hope you all enjoy it!

That’s Life
The clock moves fast and time goes by.
Some say that life’s too short to even try.
It can be hard and tedious too,
And sometimes seems like it will never be through.
A lot of times you’ll get tired and need lots of rest.
Life will be better whenever you try your best.
Sometimes it gets boring, like every day’s the same,
But life is not just one big game.
Life wouldn’t be whole without some tough times and stress,
But try not to let it become a mess.
Sometimes it’s nice to just focus on the good,
But only when you know you should.
But even after each daily strife,
I hold my head up and say “That’s life!”

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