Thursday, November 18, 2010

Poem #317

Hey Everybody!
Guess what? I won the writing contest I just entered into the other day!!!! :) I entered my poem "Going Home" which you can find on here if you want to read it and you can watch the youtube video of it on my channel! :)

Plugged In
Music on, headphones in,
Pressing play the song begins.
On the computer playing a game,
Thinking of every movie you can name.
TV’s on your favorite show,
An episode that you already know.
Cell phone plays its catchy tune.
You’ve been texting people since noon.
You have sixteen tabs on your computer screen.
You definitely know what multitasking means.
Constantly switching between different things.
There is a new distraction that each moment brings.
Starting up when the day begins,
You are always completely plugged in.

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