Saturday, November 20, 2010

Poem #319

Hey Guys! :) Happy Saturday! :)
I entered another poem into a contest today so I thought I would share it with you guys for today's poem! :)

Freedom Calls
I would depart from what I know,
The existence that I currently cherish.
Giving up my possessions,
Just to be liberated.
Defending myself against any human being,
Or any trial that approaches my path,
Gaining the courage I need to live.
Being true to myself and my life,
Standing up in support of what I truly believe,
Even if it hurts those I care for
Plunging through the icy depths of my mind,
Down into the core of my body,
Just to unearth the answer to my difficulty.
Fighting through the torments of the world.
Losing all that I know and love,
And each person I embraced with my heart and soul.
Changing my life, but remaining whole,
For lacking this independence, I would be nothing.
I would live as someone I know I’m not,
A person I no longer recognize,
If I knew I would be free one day to live my life.

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