Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Poem #322

Hey Everyone :)
Just found out that my Uncle and Aunt are officially coming here to visit for thanksgiving!!!!! :)I can't wait! Also, tomorrow, the winners for the contest I just entered are announced so I'm super excited!!! This week is going to be great! :)

The day of work is finally done.
Everyone’s here to have some fun.
The comedian steps out on the stage.
The program shows excitement on every page.
The people come from far and near,
To see the funniest show of the year.
The crowd goes quiet and the lights go down,
And they hear the funniest jokes around.
He tells the most outrageous tales,
He teases, jokes, and regales.
It seems he never has to stop.
The crowd knows why he’s at the top.
He keeps the laughter going until the night is through.
There’s nothing else they want to do.

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