Thursday, November 25, 2010

Poem #324

Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)
This has been the most amazing thanksgiving for me with all my friends and family here! amazingly fun night! Laughing the whole time and I can't wait to see them again tomorrow! I hope you've all had a great and thankful day as well and have had time to spend with your family and friends!!!
Also I had the official word count done on my novel and I am a winner of Nanowrimo 2010!!! :)

Home Videos
Footage of the most important times,
All occasions, so you can remember it all.
A great keepsake, prized possessions.
Hundreds of your favorite memories,
All capture on rolls of tape,
Ready to be played back at any point.
You can share them with anyone you wish.
Experience the moments over again,
Laugh along with the fun times,
Cry with the more sad times.
Fill you with nostalgia, and happiness,
Love and warmth,
As you remember all the previous years.
And you miss those moments,
Wish you could go back and go them once more,
And this is where home videos come in.

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