Friday, November 26, 2010

Poem #325

Another wonderful day! :) The continuation of the thanksgiving festivities. My family came over once again and my friend Liz, who I've mentioned on here before and is practically family anyway, came as well :) We had an amazing time, so much laughter. Liz even mastered Dancing with the Stars for the Wii (which I sadly did not do. Took her one try to beat each dance and after she played about 7 dances she matched the number of times it took me to do one!! Hahaha :) But in my defense I didn't know how to play.... not that it changed anything once I had learned.) and played her first Nancy Drew computer game! Great time today! :)

Gathering all my friends together,
Hoping for some really nice weather.
There's movies to watch and games to play.
I wonder how long my friends will stay.
There are snacks and lots of good food to eat,
And a collection of music with a really great beat.
Pillow fights and jumping about,
And in the morning we'll all go out.
We'll laugh a lot and have so much fun,
And we'll keep going until the day is done.
Having a chat and staying up late,
And we have some activities we can create.
There is one time that night when there isn't a peep.
But no one really gets that much sleep.

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