Sunday, November 28, 2010

Poem #327

Last day that my family is here :( they go back home tomorrow. But at least they will be back at christmas :) And we had such a great time these past few days! :)
Today's poem has a hidden meaning that I want to know if you see, so comment what you think it is! :)

Dark hands gripped my body,
Dragging me into their world of pain.
Thoughts swirl around that pierce my head,
Pushing my memories of home away from me.
I was taken away from everything I loved,
The bonds that ties me to others, 
They snapped them right in half.
Whisked away on the sudden night wind,
Chilly, blowing me off to this distant land.
They came in the night,
Snatching me into the darkness of their home.
They promised me that they would be sweet,
Swore that I wouldn't regret this,
Said it would be wonderful in their world.
But they lied to me.
Now I'm stuck in their harsh life,
And they would let me go.
I'm turning into them, save me.
I should never have given in.
I shouldn't have gone to that party.

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