Monday, November 29, 2010

Poem #328

Hey guys :)
I'm going to be away overnight so I'm hoping to get a fair amount of writing done! Today's poem is slightly based off a movie I like :)

Final Night
This is the end of it all,
Right here, we cross the finish line.
It loomed ahead like a dark cloud,
But we never knew it would bear down on us so fast.
It seems like only yesterday we began.
We met, our hearts bonded together,
Though we knew this moment would come.
It feels like such a surprise, a shock to our minds,
As we wish for the moments to last longer.
We held on for as long as we could,
Each second was pure happiness and love.
From the moment our eyes met that first day,
I knew I wanted to spend these final weeks with you.
I yearn to make this time longer,
I never want us to be apart.
But I can’t stop life from proceeding.
This is the way it was meant to be, had to be.
Neither you nor I could fix it,
Though I know you think you should.
This is our final night.

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