Friday, December 31, 2010

Poem #360

Second poem of the day! :) (can you believe there are only five more left?!)

Dying Dreams
They fly from my mind, on dark black wings,
Into the abyss that sucks them away.
They hurt, ache, and break apart,
Never to be pieced together again.
I want them to come back,
I reach out to grab them,
But they slip right through my fingers,
And my heart breaks along with them.
I held them so dear, they were my life.
I feel lost without them, my mind is blank.
I feel like I have no purpose any longer.
My dreams have died, my future is blank,
And I don't know how to fill the pages.
My soul is sinking, my body hurts.
I fall to the ground and i can't move.
I don't know how to go on.
I disappear into the black abyss,
Following my dreams, hoping to catch them.
But deep down, i know they will never return.

Poem #359

Hey everyone!
Happy New Year's Eve :)))) I'm sorry I didn't get a poem up yesterday but i was with my family all day and before i knew it it was super late! but I'll try to get up two tonight!

Small white spirits that drop from the sky.
Never the same, they all look different.
Only a symbol of the winter season.
Whipping through the wind, creating a blanket of white.
Flying through the air until they find their landing place
Light or heavy, they fall down on Earth,
Always in different amounts and sizes.
Kids enjoy when they fall to the ground.
Each one is unique and special, like all of us.
Surprise of winter delight.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Poem #358

Hey everyone ;)
I'm so excited! :) My uncle and aunt came in today! :) I'll be spending the next few days with them which is always a great time :) I can't wait!
Today's poem is extremely random! I got this idea today when I was seeing my family. We were going around making up rhymes at dinner and I couldn't stop rhyming after we were done (which happens a lot when I start rhyming!!). So that's how I got the idea for the title :) Hope you all enjoy it!

I Can't Stop Rhyming
I can't stop rhyming,
It's all about timing.
I tried so hard to stop,
But it turned out to be a flop!
I think I'll go insane,
It's too much for my brain.
I'll be doing this all day,
It won't go away.
I guess I shouldn't start,
Because this phase never parts.
Once I get started, I'm stuck,
Until I'm completely out of luck.
This is like a constant stream!
I'll by rhyming in my dreams!
I think it's about time for this to end,
Before I drive away all my friends.
I think I'm finally going crazy! 
Well, at least my brain's not being lazy.
Alright, it's really time to quit,
I'm getting really sick of it.
I dong see how I've gone this long,
Because these rhymes are really not that strong.
Please don't give up on me.
I'm being as clever as can be.
I definitely just tried my best,
But I think it's time to give it a rest!
I'll close my mouth and not make a peep.
It's time for me to go to sleep!
I lay my head down and close my eyes.
And this is where I say my goodbyes.
I hope you don't regret the time,
You spent while reading my random rhyme!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Poem #357

Second poem of the day :)

One of the most joyful days of your life.
Full of emotions, big dreams and thoughts.
Time to think of the future,
And celebrate the achievements of the past.
Excitement, tears of joy,
You are growing up, moving on in life.
This is a day to celebrate your accomplishments,
Share the joy of knowledge with all.
Your family and friends will all gather around,
There to show their love and share the day.
You have accomplished a milestone in your life.
You are ready to move out into the world,
Prepared to tackle all that comes your way.
This might see daunting to you,
But you will know; you are ready.

Poem #356

Hey Everyone :)
I had some internet problems yesterday so I didn't get a chance to post my poem but there are two poems for you guys today!! :)

Backstabbing words flow out all the time,
Everything you do is against me.
Turning on me after all these years.
Regretting our friendship, I do every day,
And I wish I had never told you anything.
You lost sight of the bond we had,
And gave it up without a care.
Lies are the only words from your mouth.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Poem #355

Hey Guys :)
Wow, it snowed a ton today!!! :O We missed a white Christmas by one day. Tomorrow my Aunt and Uncle are suppose to fly here so I hope they have a safe flight and I hope they can make it here :)

Giving Up
Walking down the road, falling down,
On my knees, I sink to the ground.
I hit the ground with a force,
Hard enough to shake the world around.
This is it, I go no further here.
I can't continue down this way,
It's too much for me to take.
Tears stream down my face,
And I feel my heart tearing in half.
I can't move a muscle, I can't go on.
The terror sweeps over me again,
As I realize what's happening to me.
My body and mind have gone astray,
And there is no way to pull them back.
I struggle to cease the tears,
To raise myself up, like always.
But it's too much for me this time,
You've gone too far, hurt me so much,
And I can't come back.
So I melt into the darkness,
One with the ground where I lie,
And there's no turning back.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Poem #354

Hey everyone :)
MERRY CHRISTMAS! :) I had an amazing and wonderful day with my family and I got some very nice gifts :) today has been great and I hope that you all had a great day too and some time to spend with family and friends!! I have a special Christmas poem just for today :)

Christmas Tree
Green branches, standing up tall,
While needles will begin to fall.
And lights of color shine on the tree,
Among the ornaments hanging free.
A star adorns the very top,
Carefully placed so it doesn't drop.
Presents wrapped up lay on the ground,
And are placed all around.
Smiling faces bring lots of cheer.
I'm glad it's finally this time of year.
We gather around, together as one,
And we know it's time to begin the fun.
I always love this joyous time,
So this is why I wrote this rhyme.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Poem #353

Hey guys :)
It's Christmas Eve! I can't believe how fast it came up! I have to run out to sing in a few minutes but I just wanted to get you guys a poem really quickly before I left :)

Light Up The Night
Sparkling with all different colors of light,
They bring so much brightness to the night.
No matter what, they keep on glowing, 
Even when the cold air is blowing.
They bring so much joy to all hearts,
The happiness will never depart.
It marks a wonderful time of year.
So many people join in around here.
Bright rainbows shine out to all,
In this wonderful season that comes after fall.
Gathering around with family and friends,
Hoping this joyous time will never end.
The lights will brighten your heart in every way,
And they are always here to stay.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Poem #352

Hey everyone :)
Wow! I can't believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow :O I have so much singing to do and I'm super excited! I always love this time of year! I hope everyone out there has had a wonderful Hanukkah or Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate :) Hope you've had a lot of time to spend with your families :) love you all :)

Angel Eyes
Large, round, gazing up at you,
They sparkle in the light above you.
Pleading, begging for your attention,
They want something important from you,
But you just won't provide it.
Longing to feel that warmth,
The happiness they wish to gain.
Their soul is breaking into pieces,
And it glistens in those soft eyes.
Hurting, tearing their heart apart,
Can't you tell what you are doing to them?
Look straight into those eyes,
And take a minute to see what you can find.
There is a message for you behind them, 
Trying to reach out, grab you.
So reach back to them, hold onto their hand,
And finally share those feelings.
Or else they will just keep staring,
Wishing you would see them,
And the light they once had in them,
It will die with the sadness.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Poem #351

Hey everyone :)
Today's my grandma's birthday!! so happy birthday to her :) <3
Another extremely random poem for the day :)

Cotton Candy
Fluffy and sweet, it's a wonderful treat,
Something that no others can beat.
Purple, pink, green, and blue,
They always have the right color for you.
It's as light as a feather,
And good in any weather.
It melts in your mouth, a joy and delight,
And it's delicious to snack on any night.
I always enjoy eating it at the beach.
Please keep it within my reach.
Puffy goodness, candy sweet,
Whoever created it is really neat!
I won't stop eating until it's done.
It always is accompanied with lots of fun.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Poem #350

Hey guys :)
Ahh today is the 350th poem! only 15 more to go! :O
Tomorrow is my grandma's birthday!! :))) Lots of awesomeness is happening :) haha!
Today's poem is about the value of clearing your mind. It can help you in any situation, whether you need to relax or you need to calmly solve a problem or argument with someone or something. I hope you all enjoy it :)

Clear Your Mind
Empty the space that surrounds you.
Block out the thoughts, silence your mind.
Imagine the wide expanse of white,
Wander the clear, open space of your dreams.
Let the quiet, the calm, fill your body.
Don't worry about what is coming,
And don't think about those events that passed.
Relax your soul, calm down.
Take your time to allow your troubles to leave,
Then slowly surface out of the blank.
Allow your thought to return to you,
And wake from your dream world.
You have relaxed, calmed down,
And now you can face the world,
Solve your problems with a clear mind.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Poem #349

Happy Monday :)
Today's poem is another one of those random ones that just sort of happens when I'm writing and I'm not really sure why. But that's what my mind wanted! :) haha :) I just go with the flow of my inspiration. So I hope you enjoy this :)

Burst Of Colors
A rainbow right before your eyes.
The sign of love, joy, happiness,
The message of anger, sadness, humiliation.
These are the colors of all emotions,
Pouring out of our mouth,
Or running from the end of a pen.
The different shades and hues, a wide range,
Something we can all accept,
Because they are unique to each of us.
The burst of colors flashes out at us,
All the colors flow into our world.
That's how our society, nature is built.
Show your true colors,
And let your burst of shades,
Rain down over the whole planet.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Poem #348

Yay :) New acrostic! I's been a little while since the last one :)

Intrigued by all that surrounds you.
Nothing escapes your creative sight and mind,
Seeing everything as a new opportunity.
Pursuing all that runs through your thoughts,
Inventing new works of art with everything.
Replicating your dreams as tangible objects.
Allowing all ideas to have a fair chance.
Taking in the world with all your senses.
Inspiring so many wonderful ideas.
Ongoing, the inspirations never cease,
Never-ending amounts of creativity.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poem #347

Second poem of the day :)

Hand prints
Imprinted on the glass, the paper,
Tiny symbols of life and love.
Sharing the memories of those who have lived here.
A constant reminder if these joyful moments.
I stroll through, running my fingers over the paper,
Staring across at the window.
My mind swells up with thoughts,
And those tiny little hands grab at my head,
They tug constantly at my heart strings.
It all reminds me of those times I tried to forget. 
Everything rushed back into my mind,
And it overloads my body.
I feel as if the force of them knocks me over,
And I fall onto the glass, tears in my eyes.
When I push myself back up,
I've left a new set of hand prints,
And a new memory in this house.

Poem #346

Hey Guys :)
Hope you're all have a great weekend so far! I was out late last night so I never got a chance to post, but there will be two poems coming today :)))

Laughter Of Friends
Ringing continuously through the air,
Just like a song or bells chiming out.
Carrying their joy to all ears nearby,
Spreading happiness, smiles to everyone.
They celebrate the love of friends,
The creation of lasting memories,
Ones they will look back at for years.
Flashing smiles, cheeks rosy with excitement,
They share the laughter all around,
And nothing can wipe the grins from their faces.
Because nothing is better,
Than good times together,
And the laughter of friends.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Poem #345

OH MY GOODNESS!!! IT SNOWED TODAY!!! :))))))) (....nahhh I'm not that excited.....)
I went downstairs this morning and there were a few little flakes coming down but melting as soon as they hit the ground. Suddenly, half an hour later, I come back downstairs and the streets around my house are covered!!! :) It was intense! haha :)

The Future
Looming ahead, more threatening than it is.
Frightening to consider but necessary.
We need to plan ahead as much as we can,
Though it's impossible to be completely ready.
We need to work to make it better,
Not just for ourselves but for those to come.
We determine our future now,
Our actions today,
Shape our hope for tomorrow.
So many aspects of the world will change,
And we will have to adapt to them,
Because there is nothing we can do to stop it.
This is necessary in our lives,
And to keep our world running.
The future may be scary,
But we need to be ready for the adventure,
Because it will soon come our way.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Poem #344

Hey Everyone :)
In case you haven't realized, there are two reasons that we can all tell it's winter time :)
1) It's FREEZING outside!!!!
2) I can't stop writing poems about snow! hahaha :)

Snow Angels
Snow pushed in piles,
Away from where the flakes descended.
They create a curving figure,
A figure with wings of ice.
Lying down in the massive white blanket,
And making the fluid motions,
Those that create this work of art.
It's delicate, sensitive to the tread of feet.
They seem so real, so close to us,
As they reign over the white snow.
They are beauty, love, friendship,
The laughter of children, wonderful winter memories,
And the joy of families.
Beautiful creations we call,
Snow Angels.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Poem #343

Hey Everyone :)
I've been doing lots of writing and editing the past few days :) I'm also happy to announce that my novel has just broken into the top 100 on inkpop :) I've gotten some wonderful comments that have helped me sooo much so thank you to everyone who's been commenting :)

My archenemy follows me everywhere I go,
Constantly battering me with words.
Only saying negative things to me,
Never leaving me alone.
I can't run away, I can't escape,
And there is no way for me to retaliate.
Their thoughts and words pierce my heart,
Making my soul and my spirit sink.
I try to ignore it all, try to forget,
But I'll never be able to to the impossible.
Their job is to bring me down, it seems,
To hurt me whenever they get the chance.
People wonder why I can't stop this,
Get some relief from these insults.
But they don't see that I never can,
For my archenemy is myself.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Poem #342

Second poem of the day!!!! :)

Superman, get out of the way,
Now is not your turn to play.
And Spiderman, just step aside,
Because I'm about to begin my glide.
Through the air, I race to the scene.
When it comes to this, I am the queen.
So Wonderwoman, leave this to me,
And Batman, you will soon see,
I don't need help, I can do this alone,
I will always keep my crown, my title, and throne.
I'll save the day and be the hero.
And all the evildoers will be a zero.
The villains are defeated in a whirl.
That's why they call me Wondergirl.

Poem #341

Hey Guys :)
Sorry I missed yesterday. I had a big concert at night and it was sort of busy so I didn't have time to write a poem. But today you get two!!!! :)

Out there in the world, it waits for you,
Calling out your name anxiously.
Begging you to come find it,
Travel the road, make the journey to see it.
It pulls you toward its open arms,
Ready to take you in and comfort you.
Providing all those things you need to live,
And even those things you thought no one knew about.
It knows what your body and soul wants,
And will keep you safe from the harshness of the world.
A shelter from your pain and sorrow,
Keeping out the tears that pound against the walls.
A place where you can travel to,
Let your mind wander, and just be yourself.
Always surrounded by love and joy.
We all travel to somewhere.
Somewhere is where the dreams happen.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Poem #340

Hey Everyone :)
Hope your all having a great weekend :) I've been busy today but I had time to write my poem :)) I'm so excited because our choir has our Christmas Carols concert tomorrow :) I can't wait to sing at it :)

The Length Of Life
Short, it slips away before you know it.
But each moment is worth the effort.
There are struggles and obstacles on the path.
But there's always some way to overcome them.
People who love you will travel along,
No matter what is thrown your way.
Your heart will break and mend.
The road will wind in all directions.
We think that life is long,
So we feel like we can waste the moments.
But it flies by faster than we think,
And life ends up being shorter.
This is the length of life.
Live it up.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Poem #339

Hey guys :)
Hope you all had a great week :)
Today's poem is another random poem. It's called Shooting Stars :)
Hope you like it!

Shooting Stars
Blazing across the sky,
Leaving their tales of wonder behind.
They fly throughout the black expanse,
Floating above the rotating globe.
They set the night on fire,
Lighting up the world.
And, as quickly as they came, 
They are gone,
Leaving only memories burned in your mind.
Lying on our backs in the soft grass,
We watch them travel their journey.
I wish I could experience that freedom,
The abandon of gliding through the air.
I could escape here in a flash,
And travel to my new world.
I want to soar through the world,
And my heart lights me up with joy.
A hand touches my shoulder,
And I am jolted out from my dreams,
As I realize the shooting stars are gone.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Poem #338

Hey guys :)
I'm not really sure why I wrote this poem today. It seems pretty random! haha!
But I sat down earlier and this is what poured out of the end of my pencil and it seemed right :) I hope you all enjoy it!
Also, one of my poems won another contest today!! :)

Name In Lights
Flashing, sparkling in my eyes,
Hanging in the air for millions to see.
My heart speeds up as I think about it,
And my face breaks out into a smile.
I can't control the joy in me.
That's my name up there.
I feel like I finally belong in this world,
And I can share my love with all.
My hard work paid off,
And I can't believe this moment is here.
I thank everyone for their support,
And then run down the streets proclaiming it.
My world seems perfect once more, 
As my name flashes in lights,
Right above my head.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Poem #337

Been busily editing my novel today! And ughhh I think I have a cold :( not cool!
Acrostic day!!!! :)

Vividly appearing in front of your eyes.
It's near the end, you've almost made it.
Counting the seconds until you arrive.
This journey took so much out of you, but it was worth it.
Onward you run, feeling the excitement in your soul.
Reaching the end joyously. Finally.
It was a long road to travel down, seemingly never ending,
Ongoing, constantly you faced road blocks and,
Underneath, you doubted your ability but,
Suddenly you are getting the chance to become,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Poem #336

Hey Guys :)
Wow, it's really getting into the winter and holiday season! It even snowed a tiny little bit out here yesterday! The end of 2010 came up so fast didn't it?

Almost Sisters
Growing up together their whole lives.
Not siblings, but they might as well be.
They are bonded together forever,
They are held together tight.
Best friends, though it may not always look that way.
They love each other more than either of them know.
Different likes, different hobbies and interests,
They are complete opposites.
But that makes them even closer.
Hearts are one forever,
No matter what they go through in life.
They may get tied up in the world,
Forget to always be there for each other.
Something will always bring them back together.
They can tell when the other’s in trouble,
And are there to help.
They can share anything with each other.
No bond is more special than this.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Poem #335

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all had a good Monday! :) I've been doing so much writing lately! Today's poem is called "Into The Light". Enjoy :)

Into The Light
Brightness floods through into my eyes,
As I squint to see the steps I take.
I feel drawn into the blinding white.
It reaches out to be, holds me.
With its thin white arms,
It drags me forward into it.
It makes me confused, it makes no sense.
But it also calms me,
It makes me feel at peace with myself.
I want to see what’s behind it,
So I give into the pull,
It’s strength is too great to resist.
I ride on the wings of love,
The happiness flows through all of me.
My heart beat speeds up,
And a broad smile reaches across my face.
I know I’m going somewhere wonderful.
I’m glad to be arriving.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Poem #334

Hey Guys :)
Hope everyone had a great weekend. I just had a wonderful dinner with my family tonight :) I think I'm finally beginning to feel like it's holiday time! By the way, I need your help. I have two books posted on a site and I would love to have at least one of them picked to be read by the editors. Could you guys go check them out and if you create an account/have one, add me to your picks and comment if you like it :) Thanks!

Young Forever
Staying forever, right here with you,
Watching the days go by and our love grow.
Keeping this young energy we both hold,
Having fun with everything that comes our way.
Living each moment to the fullest.
Still being foolish and somewhat naïve,
And everything seems so much simpler.
The happiness we share could never be stolen,
And we would always stay by each other’s side.
Never having to lose the other,
Or lose the relationship that holds us so close.
Time could freeze; it would just be the two of us.
Staying in the childish state may seem crazy,
But we want to hold onto our youth.
When we stare into each other’s eyes,
The knowing smiles spread on our face,
Holding each other in our arms,
We are taken back through time,
And are young once more.
Our love is timeless, never running out.
So as long as we are together,
We will be young forever.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Poem #333

Happy Saturday!
Hope you've all been having a good weekend! :)
32 poems left :P Enjoy today's :)

The globe of brightness hangs in the sky,
Sending glistening streaks onto the water below,
And dancing beams of white through the trees.
Lighting up the world with an air of mystery.
Romantic, joyful, or eerie.
Disappearing and reappearing in a consistent wave.
Seemingly unpredictable, not always there,
But lighting up our world in the darkest of times.
Shining down peace to our souls,
And taking us captive in its beauty.
Inspiring tales, works of art, and journeys,
As we watch its beauty glisten in the black expanse,
And the tiny twinkles surrounding it.
Casting out the evil from minds and hearts,
And pulling us together in unexpected ways.
We may not see it, but it’s true.
Beauty, wonder, this is,

Friday, December 3, 2010

Poem #332

Hey Everyone!
Wow I can't believe I'm getting so close to the end of this poem challenge! This all went by so fast!! 33 more after today! :) I hope you've all been enjoying my poems so far!!

A Longing
A strong feeling of want that takes over the body.
A yearning that controls the mind and soul.
Making you wish hard to get what you want,
And pushing some to dangerous lengths.
Wishes to be with someone you love,
Or own something you don’t have.
Harnessing all of your thoughts,
Taking you prisoner in its mix of emotions.
Desiring a change to the life you live.
Craving relief, wanting you to satiate this urge.
Dragging you even further in,
And making it hard for you to escape.
Never satisfied, you long for it to stop,
Leave you alone so you can continue to live.
A longing, no matter what it’s for,
Is not always good.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Poem #331

Hey Guys!
I had a lot of updates for you all so I left a video on my Youtube channel :) Check it out!
Today's poem is about animals :)

Angels On Earth
A blessing to always have by our side.
They will be our eternal companions.
Faithful to us no matter what happens to them or us.
Bringing their own special world to us,
New emotions and fresh ways to love.
Extreme amounts of joy flood our hearts,
Just from the way they treat us.
Sharing a lifetime of love and loyalty to us.
Always there to care for us,
Even when there is no one else near.
Your heats will bond together,
A strong pull holding you close forever.
We need to let this relationship into our lives.
Help them as much as they help us.
Watch their eyes that want to love us.
Always delighted by our presence.
Or just to spend hours by our side.
Don’t live another day without this relationship.
Animals are angels on Earth.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Poem #330

Happy December everyone :)
Sorry this took so long to post! My internet has been down all night and it finally came back!

Spirits Of Winter
Cold, icy creations dancing through the sky,
Blowing with the wind,
Being carried through the crisp night air.
Glistening in the bright lights,
Sparkling with joy and excitement, all emotions.
Chilling everything they land against.
Melting in a rush of cool water,
Landing and washing down my face,
As we fall back on the white blanket.
Moving our arms and legs back and forth,
Pushing the soft cushion into a beautiful shape.
Nearby, a tower of snow,
Shaped to seem to be a human.
Crystallized branches sway above our heads.
We stand from where we lay down,
To see the creations we have just made.
Then we fly through the crunching carpet,
Amid the globes that fly our way,
Dancing along with the frozen angels.
Our breath blows out visibly behind us,
As we leave our mark on the blank white canvas,
Spiriting through the winter wonderland.