Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Poem #330

Happy December everyone :)
Sorry this took so long to post! My internet has been down all night and it finally came back!

Spirits Of Winter
Cold, icy creations dancing through the sky,
Blowing with the wind,
Being carried through the crisp night air.
Glistening in the bright lights,
Sparkling with joy and excitement, all emotions.
Chilling everything they land against.
Melting in a rush of cool water,
Landing and washing down my face,
As we fall back on the white blanket.
Moving our arms and legs back and forth,
Pushing the soft cushion into a beautiful shape.
Nearby, a tower of snow,
Shaped to seem to be a human.
Crystallized branches sway above our heads.
We stand from where we lay down,
To see the creations we have just made.
Then we fly through the crunching carpet,
Amid the globes that fly our way,
Dancing along with the frozen angels.
Our breath blows out visibly behind us,
As we leave our mark on the blank white canvas,
Spiriting through the winter wonderland.

1 comment:

  1. Brrr ... I feel quite wintery now. Thanks. Nice poem! :)