Thursday, December 2, 2010

Poem #331

Hey Guys!
I had a lot of updates for you all so I left a video on my Youtube channel :) Check it out!
Today's poem is about animals :)

Angels On Earth
A blessing to always have by our side.
They will be our eternal companions.
Faithful to us no matter what happens to them or us.
Bringing their own special world to us,
New emotions and fresh ways to love.
Extreme amounts of joy flood our hearts,
Just from the way they treat us.
Sharing a lifetime of love and loyalty to us.
Always there to care for us,
Even when there is no one else near.
Your heats will bond together,
A strong pull holding you close forever.
We need to let this relationship into our lives.
Help them as much as they help us.
Watch their eyes that want to love us.
Always delighted by our presence.
Or just to spend hours by our side.
Don’t live another day without this relationship.
Animals are angels on Earth.

1 comment:

  1. How true. I always think that we should help animals the way they help us. They pull loads for us, they protect us, they clothe us and we don't do much for them. It's sad that forests are shrinking and animals are dying out. What will happen to the world if no animals would be left? The message that this poem conveys is beautiful; about loving animals the way they love us.