Saturday, December 4, 2010

Poem #333

Happy Saturday!
Hope you've all been having a good weekend! :)
32 poems left :P Enjoy today's :)

The globe of brightness hangs in the sky,
Sending glistening streaks onto the water below,
And dancing beams of white through the trees.
Lighting up the world with an air of mystery.
Romantic, joyful, or eerie.
Disappearing and reappearing in a consistent wave.
Seemingly unpredictable, not always there,
But lighting up our world in the darkest of times.
Shining down peace to our souls,
And taking us captive in its beauty.
Inspiring tales, works of art, and journeys,
As we watch its beauty glisten in the black expanse,
And the tiny twinkles surrounding it.
Casting out the evil from minds and hearts,
And pulling us together in unexpected ways.
We may not see it, but it’s true.
Beauty, wonder, this is,

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