Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Poem #336

Hey Guys :)
Wow, it's really getting into the winter and holiday season! It even snowed a tiny little bit out here yesterday! The end of 2010 came up so fast didn't it?

Almost Sisters
Growing up together their whole lives.
Not siblings, but they might as well be.
They are bonded together forever,
They are held together tight.
Best friends, though it may not always look that way.
They love each other more than either of them know.
Different likes, different hobbies and interests,
They are complete opposites.
But that makes them even closer.
Hearts are one forever,
No matter what they go through in life.
They may get tied up in the world,
Forget to always be there for each other.
Something will always bring them back together.
They can tell when the other’s in trouble,
And are there to help.
They can share anything with each other.
No bond is more special than this.

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