Thursday, December 9, 2010

Poem #338

Hey guys :)
I'm not really sure why I wrote this poem today. It seems pretty random! haha!
But I sat down earlier and this is what poured out of the end of my pencil and it seemed right :) I hope you all enjoy it!
Also, one of my poems won another contest today!! :)

Name In Lights
Flashing, sparkling in my eyes,
Hanging in the air for millions to see.
My heart speeds up as I think about it,
And my face breaks out into a smile.
I can't control the joy in me.
That's my name up there.
I feel like I finally belong in this world,
And I can share my love with all.
My hard work paid off,
And I can't believe this moment is here.
I thank everyone for their support,
And then run down the streets proclaiming it.
My world seems perfect once more, 
As my name flashes in lights,
Right above my head.

1 comment:

  1. To be able to stand out, to be noticed from the bunch...
    I like your poem.
    It's related to most of us.
    Because we sometimes keep ourselves in the shadows.
    We are afraid to come out and shine.

    But that moment, the one when we succeed...
    It's priceless.