Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Poem #343

Hey Everyone :)
I've been doing lots of writing and editing the past few days :) I'm also happy to announce that my novel has just broken into the top 100 on inkpop :) I've gotten some wonderful comments that have helped me sooo much so thank you to everyone who's been commenting :)

My archenemy follows me everywhere I go,
Constantly battering me with words.
Only saying negative things to me,
Never leaving me alone.
I can't run away, I can't escape,
And there is no way for me to retaliate.
Their thoughts and words pierce my heart,
Making my soul and my spirit sink.
I try to ignore it all, try to forget,
But I'll never be able to to the impossible.
Their job is to bring me down, it seems,
To hurt me whenever they get the chance.
People wonder why I can't stop this,
Get some relief from these insults.
But they don't see that I never can,
For my archenemy is myself.

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