Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Poem #344

Hey Everyone :)
In case you haven't realized, there are two reasons that we can all tell it's winter time :)
1) It's FREEZING outside!!!!
2) I can't stop writing poems about snow! hahaha :)

Snow Angels
Snow pushed in piles,
Away from where the flakes descended.
They create a curving figure,
A figure with wings of ice.
Lying down in the massive white blanket,
And making the fluid motions,
Those that create this work of art.
It's delicate, sensitive to the tread of feet.
They seem so real, so close to us,
As they reign over the white snow.
They are beauty, love, friendship,
The laughter of children, wonderful winter memories,
And the joy of families.
Beautiful creations we call,
Snow Angels.

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