Thursday, December 16, 2010

Poem #345

OH MY GOODNESS!!! IT SNOWED TODAY!!! :))))))) (....nahhh I'm not that excited.....)
I went downstairs this morning and there were a few little flakes coming down but melting as soon as they hit the ground. Suddenly, half an hour later, I come back downstairs and the streets around my house are covered!!! :) It was intense! haha :)

The Future
Looming ahead, more threatening than it is.
Frightening to consider but necessary.
We need to plan ahead as much as we can,
Though it's impossible to be completely ready.
We need to work to make it better,
Not just for ourselves but for those to come.
We determine our future now,
Our actions today,
Shape our hope for tomorrow.
So many aspects of the world will change,
And we will have to adapt to them,
Because there is nothing we can do to stop it.
This is necessary in our lives,
And to keep our world running.
The future may be scary,
But we need to be ready for the adventure,
Because it will soon come our way.

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  1. you have inspired me :) I will be doing a 365 day writing blog as well (poetry, short short fiction, whatever I feel like that day) thank you!