Monday, December 20, 2010

Poem #349

Happy Monday :)
Today's poem is another one of those random ones that just sort of happens when I'm writing and I'm not really sure why. But that's what my mind wanted! :) haha :) I just go with the flow of my inspiration. So I hope you enjoy this :)

Burst Of Colors
A rainbow right before your eyes.
The sign of love, joy, happiness,
The message of anger, sadness, humiliation.
These are the colors of all emotions,
Pouring out of our mouth,
Or running from the end of a pen.
The different shades and hues, a wide range,
Something we can all accept,
Because they are unique to each of us.
The burst of colors flashes out at us,
All the colors flow into our world.
That's how our society, nature is built.
Show your true colors,
And let your burst of shades,
Rain down over the whole planet.

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