Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Poem #350

Hey guys :)
Ahh today is the 350th poem! only 15 more to go! :O
Tomorrow is my grandma's birthday!! :))) Lots of awesomeness is happening :) haha!
Today's poem is about the value of clearing your mind. It can help you in any situation, whether you need to relax or you need to calmly solve a problem or argument with someone or something. I hope you all enjoy it :)

Clear Your Mind
Empty the space that surrounds you.
Block out the thoughts, silence your mind.
Imagine the wide expanse of white,
Wander the clear, open space of your dreams.
Let the quiet, the calm, fill your body.
Don't worry about what is coming,
And don't think about those events that passed.
Relax your soul, calm down.
Take your time to allow your troubles to leave,
Then slowly surface out of the blank.
Allow your thought to return to you,
And wake from your dream world.
You have relaxed, calmed down,
And now you can face the world,
Solve your problems with a clear mind.

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