Thursday, December 23, 2010

Poem #352

Hey everyone :)
Wow! I can't believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow :O I have so much singing to do and I'm super excited! I always love this time of year! I hope everyone out there has had a wonderful Hanukkah or Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate :) Hope you've had a lot of time to spend with your families :) love you all :)

Angel Eyes
Large, round, gazing up at you,
They sparkle in the light above you.
Pleading, begging for your attention,
They want something important from you,
But you just won't provide it.
Longing to feel that warmth,
The happiness they wish to gain.
Their soul is breaking into pieces,
And it glistens in those soft eyes.
Hurting, tearing their heart apart,
Can't you tell what you are doing to them?
Look straight into those eyes,
And take a minute to see what you can find.
There is a message for you behind them, 
Trying to reach out, grab you.
So reach back to them, hold onto their hand,
And finally share those feelings.
Or else they will just keep staring,
Wishing you would see them,
And the light they once had in them,
It will die with the sadness.

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