Saturday, December 25, 2010

Poem #354

Hey everyone :)
MERRY CHRISTMAS! :) I had an amazing and wonderful day with my family and I got some very nice gifts :) today has been great and I hope that you all had a great day too and some time to spend with family and friends!! I have a special Christmas poem just for today :)

Christmas Tree
Green branches, standing up tall,
While needles will begin to fall.
And lights of color shine on the tree,
Among the ornaments hanging free.
A star adorns the very top,
Carefully placed so it doesn't drop.
Presents wrapped up lay on the ground,
And are placed all around.
Smiling faces bring lots of cheer.
I'm glad it's finally this time of year.
We gather around, together as one,
And we know it's time to begin the fun.
I always love this joyous time,
So this is why I wrote this rhyme.

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