Sunday, December 26, 2010

Poem #355

Hey Guys :)
Wow, it snowed a ton today!!! :O We missed a white Christmas by one day. Tomorrow my Aunt and Uncle are suppose to fly here so I hope they have a safe flight and I hope they can make it here :)

Giving Up
Walking down the road, falling down,
On my knees, I sink to the ground.
I hit the ground with a force,
Hard enough to shake the world around.
This is it, I go no further here.
I can't continue down this way,
It's too much for me to take.
Tears stream down my face,
And I feel my heart tearing in half.
I can't move a muscle, I can't go on.
The terror sweeps over me again,
As I realize what's happening to me.
My body and mind have gone astray,
And there is no way to pull them back.
I struggle to cease the tears,
To raise myself up, like always.
But it's too much for me this time,
You've gone too far, hurt me so much,
And I can't come back.
So I melt into the darkness,
One with the ground where I lie,
And there's no turning back.

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