Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Poem #358

Hey everyone ;)
I'm so excited! :) My uncle and aunt came in today! :) I'll be spending the next few days with them which is always a great time :) I can't wait!
Today's poem is extremely random! I got this idea today when I was seeing my family. We were going around making up rhymes at dinner and I couldn't stop rhyming after we were done (which happens a lot when I start rhyming!!). So that's how I got the idea for the title :) Hope you all enjoy it!

I Can't Stop Rhyming
I can't stop rhyming,
It's all about timing.
I tried so hard to stop,
But it turned out to be a flop!
I think I'll go insane,
It's too much for my brain.
I'll be doing this all day,
It won't go away.
I guess I shouldn't start,
Because this phase never parts.
Once I get started, I'm stuck,
Until I'm completely out of luck.
This is like a constant stream!
I'll by rhyming in my dreams!
I think it's about time for this to end,
Before I drive away all my friends.
I think I'm finally going crazy! 
Well, at least my brain's not being lazy.
Alright, it's really time to quit,
I'm getting really sick of it.
I dong see how I've gone this long,
Because these rhymes are really not that strong.
Please don't give up on me.
I'm being as clever as can be.
I definitely just tried my best,
But I think it's time to give it a rest!
I'll close my mouth and not make a peep.
It's time for me to go to sleep!
I lay my head down and close my eyes.
And this is where I say my goodbyes.
I hope you don't regret the time,
You spent while reading my random rhyme!

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