Monday, January 3, 2011

Poem #363

Hey :)
Well my aunt and uncle are home now :( I miss them already!)
But hopefully we will get to see them again soon :)
In other news, i'm going to start writing some short stories really soon :)
Hope you enjoy today's poem :) (it was a lot harder to write than it seems! haha!)
2 poems left!! :O

World Of Letters
A is for apples that grow in the trees.
B is for berries and bumbling bees.
C is for cookies and other sweet treats.
D is for dog, this pet can't be beat.
E is for envelopes with letters inside.
F is for friends, two worlds collide.
G is for good, that's what we all should do.
H is for hippos you see at the zoo.
I is for ice cream that melts in the sun.
J is for January, the year's just begun.
K is for kids who run outside to play.
L is for lollipops and the light of day.
M is for mongoose, mango and monkey.
N is for noises that are clunky.
O is for ostrich, I'm not sure why.
P is for poems as sweet as pie.
Q is for quail which is some type of bird.
R is for reindeer who's hooves you have heard.
S is for snow in the winter season.
T is for turkey, but I have no reason.
U is for universe, bigger than all.
V is for the vague hints of fall.
W is for wrens, birds that like to sing.
X is for xylophone who's tones loudly ring.
Y is for yellow, the color of sun.
Z is for zebra; the alphabet is done!

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