Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Poem #364

Hey guys :)
oh my gosh! can you believe that tomorrow is the last poem and I will finally have 365 done!!!! :O It went by so fast! So what do you guys think? Should I attempt another year?

I seem untouchable, behind this brick wall.
I've built up this barrier that seems indestructible.
You thought I was strong, you always said so.
Yet, you never tested how much I could hold.
I turned out to be more fragile than ever,
And you are the one that set the crack,
You started the reaction the broke me to pieces.
You pushed me to the edge,
You let me fall this far down.
But I loved you; I gave everything up for you.
Why did you turn on me; how could you do this?
I gave you my soul, my heart,
And you crushed it in your hands.
I thought you cared, but you didn't,
And I couldn't take it anymore.
I'm not strong enough to stay together,
So I broke, beyond repair.
We learned that you were wrong, I'm not indestructible.
I'm as breakable as glass.