Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poem #396

Last poem of the month :) finally caught up :) Thanks for being patient!

Running wild, flying free.
Building up a whole new world,
And bringing it completely to life in the mind.
Creativity sparked, everything falls into place.
The place you imagine, the people you create,
They are all almost tangible to you,
As you reach your hand forward into that life.
Flooding with happiness as you walk on air,
Feeling comfort from this lovely utopia,
Protected from the outside world,
And somewhere you can escape all the harshness,
The brutality of your everyday life.
Create someone you can talk to,
Share all the deepest feelings,
So they are no longer bottled up, waiting to burst.
You will leave this perfection once in a while,
Thrown back into the arms of the real world.
But you will always have that escape,
Locked in your mind forever.

Poem #395

Yayy! another poem!! :) Hope you're all enjoying them so far :)

Be careful, I’m fragile,
You can easily break me down,
Shatter me into a million tiny pieces,
That are beyond repair for years on end.
My heart hangs in a balance,
On that can easily be toppled,
Especially from the lies that spew from your mouth.
I took the leap, let you in,
Thinking you could take good care of me.
You were careful at first, gentle.
You held me in a light grasp,
One which kept me near and kept me safe.
No care in the world, we carried on,
And I began to feel strong.
But it was all a dangerous illusion.
Shattered, smashed, fallen.

Poem #394

More poems :)

Insanity sweeps over your life and,
Nothing feels like it will be the same again.
Starting the never-ending madness,
And overturning everything you once built up.
Nothing seems to settle down,
Initiating a tailspin, changing your life around.
Thoughts running rampant through your mind.
Your world has become full of,

Poem #393

Almost caught up :)

Blue Moon
Once in a blue moon,
That’s how the old phrase goes.
But what does that truly mean?
It means now and then,
But when does “then” come?
Or is it something that’s purely unseen?
It comes and it goes.
Thought you hold on tight,
It won’t remain in your hands.
But you can always keep it,
Held in your heart,
And it will take you to distant lands.
So why is it blue,
A color so sad?
Shouldn’t it be something bright?
The moment brings joy,
Straight into the heart.
It brings the darkness to light.

Poem #392

I just entered a contest a few days ago that I'm extremely excited about. I have the chance to be published :) I would absolutely love it if you guys could check it out and vote for me if you like it!! :) You are allowed vote every 24 hours :) to vote, you just scroll down to the bottom of the entry where the five stars on and click on whichever star you want to give :)

Memories, like daggers, piercing my mind.
Forcing me to travel back in time.
Replaying the moments I tried to forget.
Experiencing the trials and torments,
All the pain, emotions that I never want,
Over and over again, relentlessly.
Sending my mind into a whirlwind,
Of hurt and harshness that will never go away.
Impairing my mind, injuring my being.
The scars that have been left,
On both my body and my mind,
Will never heal with time,
Sending me haunting memories,
That will stay with me to the end of time.
Prying into the most tender spots,
And wounding them beyond repair.
And I want to smash them to bits,
Every last one of them.
Crush them in my hands so they never return.
They are the glass which cuts at my skin,
The weapons that attack my mind,
And the fuel in the fire,
Of the passionate hatred that fills my soul.
Flashbacks will never end.

Poem #391

I just entered a contest a few days ago that I'm extremely excited about. I have the chance to be published :) I would absolutely love it if you guys could check it out and vote for me if you like it!! :) You are allowed vote every 24 hours :) to vote, you just scroll down to the bottom of the entry where the five stars on and click on whichever star you want to give :)

Broken Promise
You told me so much, never stopped,
Sharing everything, your plans for the future.
You made my heart soar with the excitement we shared,
And I believed in us from the very beginning.
Secret plans, building each day,
Becoming a tale of greatness that was hard to believe.
But I trusted you in so many ways,
My heart never doubted you for a minute.
You had me there, held me tight,
With no way to escape, you would never let go.
But I wanted to be there, didn’t want to leave,
Until the fateful day when I knew.
You had broken your promise, broken my heart.
I loved you and you tore me apart.
With your thoughtless lies, you led me on,
And now I have to be strong alone.
Dreams crashed, smashed into pieces,
Just with a few simple words,
We said goodbye for good.

Poem #390

I just entered a contest a few days ago that I'm extremely excited about. I have the chance to be published :) I would absolutely love it if you guys could check it out and vote for me if you like it!! :) You are allowed vote every 24 hours :) to vote, you just scroll down to the bottom of the entry where the five stars on and click on whichever star you want to give :)

Bringing happiness everywhere they go.
Riding on the wings of love, sparkling bright.
Intense feelings illustrated clearly in the look.
Glowing with heat that warms up the heart.
Heightening the senses, showing quite clearly,
The feelings lying deepest in the soul.
Every day, never changing, the fire never dying.
Yelling out at the world and,
Expressing so well the excitement and love.
Shining beautifully, kindling a flame of joy.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Poem #389

More poems :) Finally catching up!

Biting fiercely at your heart and soul.
Initiating anger and hate in your mind.
Taking over your life, stealing happiness.
Trapping you behind the bars of your feelings.
Entering without permission, building a home.
Relentlessly pushing against your every thought.
Nagging, eating away at your body,
Entwining you in a never-ending cycle.
Shattering your world, destroying your spirit.
Saddling you with having deal with the,

Poem #388

Second poem of the day :)

Wishing Well
Stone circle, creating something dark and deep.
Dropping down, a passage into the earth.
Crumbling red stones stacked upon one another,
Topped with a gray-green shingled roof.
The bottom shines with water and coins,
Wishes, dropped down into infinity.
Hopeful souls, wishful hands,
Opening up to drop in the disks,
Releasing what transfers a dream.
Falling down, carrying the magic,
And splashing into the miniature pool beneath.
Drops fly up, sending the magic,
A tradition to warm all hearts and minds.
Feeling the power, receiving the chance,
To join the world in doing what you love.
A wishing well may not grant your wish,
But instead, provide you the opportunity,
To follow your dreams and make that wish come true.

Poem #387

More poems :)

Beautiful light, shining so bright,
Illuminating the darkness of the black night.
Stars in the sky sparkle up high,
Showing us that bedtime is nigh.
Shimmering in the cool night air,
The glowing orb is always there.
The clouds have tried many times to hide,
But in the sky it will relentlessly abide.
Rising and falling every day,
But never completely going away.
It might disappear in the morning light,
But it will always reappear the very next night.
Shining rays of hope and care,
Saying the sky will never be bare.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Poem #386

2nd poem of the day :)

Sharing and caring is what you do best.
Excluding no one in your quest.
Living you life in a way to help others.
Finding joy in the little things you share and,
Letting others join you.
Ever joyful, staying positive.
Spreading happiness all around the world.
Shining bright to everyone you know and care for.
Nothing will ever stop your generosity.
Extending a warm hand and heart in love.
Sending out thoughts of courage and praise.
Spending your entire life being,

Poem #385

Sorry it's been so long :( But I've been writing everyday and I'm finally getting the chance to post them :) Enjoy!

Colors and lines flowing together,
Bringing out the emotions that fly through the air.
Building and image to stick for ever,
Always in your mind.
It makes a picture of joy, a memory of love.
Recreating the moment that once made you happy.
And as you stare at the portrait before you,
Your body and soul are pulled back in.
You fly on the wings of you mind,
As you live in the scene, experience everything once more.
Running through the open space,
Bringing the image to life around you.
Fly, soaring through the magic,
And then you are thrown back to the world.
Blinking, back to the present,
But having lived everything over once more,
When you were sure it was impossible.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Sorry for the huge delay! the poems have been written each day but I haven't had enough time to get them onto the computer and on here. But they will all be coming in the next day or two :) thanks for being patient!

-Ari <3

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Poem #384

Last poem of the day :) i've finally caught up :)) hope you enjoy them all!

After The Fairytale
The world will never be the same again.
After that sparkling dream came crashing down.
The stars in the sky shattered,
Falling to the Earth in a million pieces,
Glowing with the magic they once held.
The air which held the feeling of love,
Now contaminated with feelings of hate.
My heart has stopped beating the way it should.
Its rhythm is broken beyond repair.
We use to live in the beautiful colors.
The shades of the love we shared for each other.
You were my prince, it felt cliché,
And yet perfect, a land of joy.
But you broke that delicate balance we had,
By turning away without thinking before,
To slay that dragon that held me captive.
It took you away from our mythical life.
The world will never be the same again,
After the fairytale.

Poem #383

Third poem :) (almost caught up!!) :)

Take to the Sky
Spread your wings and take to the sky.
Watch all the people as you soar on by.
As you glide through the air,
You feel the wind in your hair.
Over the tops of the trees,
As they blow in the breeze.
The sky remains clear,
During this warm time of year.
You fly with the love,
As smooth as a dove,
As peace fills your heart,
And your old ways depart.
On a new journey through life,
As you escape all the strife.
Forever you'll fly,
Once you take to the sky.

Poem #382

Second poem :)

Strength in the Little Things
The small things in life,
Can be the most important to the heart.
They provide the strength to move on,
And the reason to live your life.
Bringing a smile to your face,
Through the love and joy the emit.
The most easily forgotten,
But the most important to remember.
The feelings they send enter your heart,
Blossoming in your soul like flowers.
Feelings so strong that spread through your body,
The little things in life will provide your strength, 
And carry you through all you have to do.

Poem #381

I promise promise promise I will be caught up by tonight :) Sorry about the delay. I thought I would be home for longer yesterday but i ended up begin out all day. But I got my hair cut :) haha!

Laughter with loved friends and family.
A beautiful sound to brighten your day.
Unleashing your happiness on the world.
Giggling with a smile spread across your face.
Having a moment you never want to end.
Tinkling through the air like chimes.
Everyone is enjoying themselves and joining in as it,
Rings like music in your ears.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Poem #380

Sorry I've been off for a few days! :( craziness! but I'll try to get caught up today :)

Torn into pieces, scattered all around.
The parts that once made you,
Lay broken on the ground.
I was so in love, the moment you came.
You broke down my walls,
Now I'll never be the same.
Beating so fast, you captured my heart.
But you lost your facade,
And you broke it apart.
Fragments are left, that's all that I kept,
When you got up and left me,
That night when I slept.
How can I forgive you for what you have done?
I'll try to move on because,
You're not the only one.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Poem #379

Hey guys! 
I was in a rhyming mood today :) It always makes me feel cheerful :)

Bubble Gum
Pink and sticky, tasty treat,
Easy to chew and oh so sweet.
So many flavors it's hard to choose,
But with so many good ones, it's hard to lose.
It becomes softer the more you bite down.
Something you can find all around.
In every store, you can find some to buy,
And even blow bubbles if you want to try.
Get them from a machine or in a pack,
The first time you have it, you'll never look back.
Become a fan with the greatest of ease.
This yummy treat is sure to please!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Poem #378

At Liz's house today... well actually at Starbucks with her right now :)

Silent Stares
Chills flood through your body; something’s wrong.
Paranoia has begun to set in.
You spin your head in all directions as you look for the source.
The dark circles burn intensely, facing you.
The emanate discomfort and hatred.
They tear down the boundaries you have placed up,
Prying into the deepest realms of your mind.
The harshness rips at your gut,
As the eyes pierce further into your body.
Poking holes, you begin to fall apart,
Emotions flooding from you like streams.
But they give no mercy as they see you suffering.
They laugh, finding joy in your pain,
As you melt away into nothing.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Poem #377

Happy Saturday :)

He has beautiful blue eyes.
They penetrate deep into my heart.
And when he looks at me,
I'm drawn into live.
He is tall, with light brown hair,
The color of a hazelnut.
His voice is velvety sweet,
And my heart melts when he talks.
I think about him every day.
No matter how many times I've tried,
To convince myself that I didn't love him,
he just keeps entering back into my dreams.
I love him so much,
More than he will ever know.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Poem #376

Still sick :( but thank you guys for your get well soon wished :) you're awesome and totally make me feel better! :)

Drama Queen
To you, everything’s a really big deal,
But that’s only the way you feel.
All events are such a mess,
Especially when you don’t get that dress.
Or how about when you couldn’t go,
Out with your friends to a late night show?
You whine, complain and throw a fit.
Each little thing puts you in a snit.
You make a fuss about small troubles,
And you make sure your reaction doubles,
The typical reaction to something like this.
This phase is something we’ll never miss.
You’re constantly causing the biggest scenes.
That’s because you’re a drama queen.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Poem #375

Hey guys :)
Still feeling sick and not getting much better :( but i've had a lot of time to write so that's good :)

Scrawling Lines
Black lines flowing  along the pages,
Scribbled out hastily, smearing slightly.
The words are barely discernible, slanting to the side,
But they convey an important message,
A message directly from the heart.
The ink bleeds through to the other side,
Filling up both of the blank white spaces.
The paper sits there for you to read, right in plain sight.
A message for your eyes, to pull at your heart.
The love is shown in each of the lines,
The emotions so strong and true,
As if you can feel it being emitted from the paper.
The thoughts are carefully placed, spread out.
But you can only think of one thing,
Even through all the emotions running in your body.
"I miss you".

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Poem #374

still really sick :'( sorry i'm not writing a great intro to the poem :(

Health is on the horizon, a better life.
Everything is finally being pulled back together.
All is not lost, there's hope for me yet.
Letting the pieces fall back into their place,
I begin to feel renewed, feel the pain lift.
Not use to letting go of the past, I am,
Going through the long process of,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Poem #373

I'm sick today :( waah :'(

The Sweetest Sound
The sweetest sound I've ever hear,
Sounds like a cat purring,
Yet also sounds like a whistle screaming.
I've heard it played in a large group,
In a small group.
And just played solo.
Then I began to play it.
My fingers bounce across the strings.
The bow in my hand, rubbing, playing beautiful music,
Having fun, sliding my fingers up and down the strings as I play.
My fingers look like little ballerinas, dancing on stage.
This is my moment to play,
My moment to shine,
And then, just like that, it's all over.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Poem #372

Second Poem :)

Take It Back
You broke my heart,
With the words you said.
You tore me apart,
Until my soul was dead.
You told me you loved me,
Then just let me go.
And now I clearly see,
What I needed to know.
I was used by you,
Each and every day.
But I wish I knew,
Why you threw me away.
I'm not the same,
And I never will.
You thought this was a game,
Which gives me a chill.
I shake, I'm so mad.
With each and every touch,
And I realize you're bad,
I hate this so much.
I'm extremely upset,
That I went down this track.
Something I'll forever regret.
Can I take it all back?

Poem #371

I'll post two poems today since I didn't have enough time to get on an post yesterday :) enjoy :)

Light On The Horizon
I see the bright glow, rising up,
Glistening in my eyes, shining in my hair.
The cool wind blows toward my face,
Lifting my troubles away as the light rises.
Everything around me is set ablaze,
Everything is awakened, the world is brought to life.
The light fills me with inexplicable joy,
Hope floods through my body,
Waking up my heart and my soul.
Warmth fills my veins and courses through me.
This powerful source of light,
It has brightened my day,
It has given me a new outlook on everything I see and feel.
And just as the light is on the horizon,
So is my hope for a better future and my happiness.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Poem #370

Hey :)
Today was a long day... I don't know what to say. Oh no, I am rhyming. this is so not good timing! ....dang it! :P haha

Lies You Tell
Hurt, pain, knives stabbing my heart,
That's what's pouring out of your mouth.
Your words sting my body and soul,
And your lies take my life away.
I'm losing that heart beat; I'm losing my breath,
And my whole mind is falling apart.
My knees are weak; they can't hold me up,
But nothing in you seems to care.
You used to love me; we used to be friends,
But now everything has disappeared.
I'm not even sure who you are anymore,
Or where these words are coming from.
Does it make you happy to hurt me like this?
It makes you smile with joy,
As the words keep flowing out of your mouth,
And the life keeps flowing from mine.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Poem #369

Today's poem :))

You caught me off guard, no protection,
I had no weapons; my shield was down.
You burst into my mind, my soul,
And destroyed my heart in one second.
One word uttered and that was it,
The end came faster than I thought.
You attacked and I couldn't fight back,
And you knew that.
You promised you would never hurt me,
That we would be together forever,
Bonded as close as the first day we met.
But everything has changed as you break me down,
And rid the way of the barriers I put up around me.
I always wished for this moment,
The moment when people would break through these walls.
The moment they would see the true me and save me from my pain.
But I wasn't ready for an attack.
I was not strong enough, and everyone knew that,
Because you had disarmed me.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Poem #368

Wow, what a long day! i'm so tired and glad to be back home :) time to become a puddle of jello on my couch!

Instinct makes me want to know the real you,
Now, I want to get behind that barrier.
Destroy it so you will come out.
Everyone know you hide behind this facade.
Stuck behind this impenetrable fortress.
Trapped in this dream world you have created.
Reality escapes your mind and thoughts.
Untouchable, unbreakable, free of pain. But, even you,
Can't escape basic human ability.
The feelings you hold inside, you never share them.
It's like no one can reach you.
But you are more fragile than you think.
Let me know you're weak points,
Even if you say you are,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Poem #367

Another day another poem :))

A Moment In Time
There is that moment in time,
Where you become aware of your surroundings.
There is that moment in time,
Where you smell those smells, fresh and new.
There is a moment in time,
Where you hear everything you've never heard before.
The suddenly, you are walking around in a daze,
Aware of nothing.
The moments are all gone.
The smells have faded forever.
You aren't listening to anything,
Except for what your heart is saying and feeling.
The loss of love can have a powerful affect,
Taking away all of your senses,
Because you are so engrossed in the pain of your heart,
That it seems like nothing else matters,
And nothing will ever matter again.
And all these little moments in time, gone,
Never to come back again.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Poem #366

Welcome back to another year of poetry! It's so great to be back on and writing poems again :) I'm glad I took a little break because my brain is rested but I missed writing my poem a day :) But now it's starting again and I'm so happy! ANNNDDD My novel Roses By The Lake is officially, as of last night, a top pick of February on Inkpop :))

The Words He Uttered
He utters those words.
I know he won't relent and take them back.
Once they come out, they never go back in.
And as for me,
I had been scared to do it in the first place.
But I'd gone through with it anyway.
I felt utterly rejected, depressed.
My life has no meaning now that the one thing I loved best,
Was jerked unceremoniously away.
I turned and walked out,
Struggling to hold back the tears that dared to break through,
The words he uttered, still ringing perpetually in my head.
Outside, the rain was coming down in icy cold tears.
I felt them running down my cheeks as I walked.
Then I realized, the icy tears weren't just the rain anymore.
I walked on, crying silently.
I got home and want up to my room.
And I knew once and for all,
As I looked out my open window,
That the silence of my crying was to be eternal,
And all because of the words he uttered.