Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Poem #366

Welcome back to another year of poetry! It's so great to be back on and writing poems again :) I'm glad I took a little break because my brain is rested but I missed writing my poem a day :) But now it's starting again and I'm so happy! ANNNDDD My novel Roses By The Lake is officially, as of last night, a top pick of February on Inkpop :))

The Words He Uttered
He utters those words.
I know he won't relent and take them back.
Once they come out, they never go back in.
And as for me,
I had been scared to do it in the first place.
But I'd gone through with it anyway.
I felt utterly rejected, depressed.
My life has no meaning now that the one thing I loved best,
Was jerked unceremoniously away.
I turned and walked out,
Struggling to hold back the tears that dared to break through,
The words he uttered, still ringing perpetually in my head.
Outside, the rain was coming down in icy cold tears.
I felt them running down my cheeks as I walked.
Then I realized, the icy tears weren't just the rain anymore.
I walked on, crying silently.
I got home and want up to my room.
And I knew once and for all,
As I looked out my open window,
That the silence of my crying was to be eternal,
And all because of the words he uttered.


  1. Pleased you are back you were missed,
    Loved the poem as always.


  2. Very nice poem ! You are a great poet !