Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Poem #367

Another day another poem :))

A Moment In Time
There is that moment in time,
Where you become aware of your surroundings.
There is that moment in time,
Where you smell those smells, fresh and new.
There is a moment in time,
Where you hear everything you've never heard before.
The suddenly, you are walking around in a daze,
Aware of nothing.
The moments are all gone.
The smells have faded forever.
You aren't listening to anything,
Except for what your heart is saying and feeling.
The loss of love can have a powerful affect,
Taking away all of your senses,
Because you are so engrossed in the pain of your heart,
That it seems like nothing else matters,
And nothing will ever matter again.
And all these little moments in time, gone,
Never to come back again.


  1. A wonderful poem, but when the pain of a loss love has subued a little whether you loss that love to another person or through death there is a moment in time where all the happy memories takes the place of pain.


  2. Impressive words from such a young person! Keep on writing. Write just what you feel. Keep it simple. You have a love, and a talent. It doesn't matter if ANYONE else likes it all! I have read a lot of your poems, and the best are the ones where you are raw and unfiltered. Don't worry about anything but the feelings, and NEVER stop writing!
    Tips to help you (not to hurt or bring you down)
    1)The amount of words doesn't make the poem more powerful.
    2)Even if you use spell your work to double check for small errors. You have a few that need fixed. I had a lot of trouble missing things for quite a while because spell check was missing the mistakes. I wish someone would have told me BEFORE I went for publishing.
    -----Again, I am really trying to give you some pointers on some of the things I struggled with. You are onto something GREAT here! Just let your heart and words do the work!

  3. aw thank you so much for the lovely comment!