Friday, March 4, 2011

Poem #369

Today's poem :))

You caught me off guard, no protection,
I had no weapons; my shield was down.
You burst into my mind, my soul,
And destroyed my heart in one second.
One word uttered and that was it,
The end came faster than I thought.
You attacked and I couldn't fight back,
And you knew that.
You promised you would never hurt me,
That we would be together forever,
Bonded as close as the first day we met.
But everything has changed as you break me down,
And rid the way of the barriers I put up around me.
I always wished for this moment,
The moment when people would break through these walls.
The moment they would see the true me and save me from my pain.
But I wasn't ready for an attack.
I was not strong enough, and everyone knew that,
Because you had disarmed me.

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