Saturday, March 5, 2011

Poem #370

Hey :)
Today was a long day... I don't know what to say. Oh no, I am rhyming. this is so not good timing! ....dang it! :P haha

Lies You Tell
Hurt, pain, knives stabbing my heart,
That's what's pouring out of your mouth.
Your words sting my body and soul,
And your lies take my life away.
I'm losing that heart beat; I'm losing my breath,
And my whole mind is falling apart.
My knees are weak; they can't hold me up,
But nothing in you seems to care.
You used to love me; we used to be friends,
But now everything has disappeared.
I'm not even sure who you are anymore,
Or where these words are coming from.
Does it make you happy to hurt me like this?
It makes you smile with joy,
As the words keep flowing out of your mouth,
And the life keeps flowing from mine.


  1. Lies is the cowards way out, I was always told from an early age that honesty is the only way.
    First one has to be honest with oneself before one can be honest with others,

    Loved the poem.

  2. Hi Ari if you go to my blog there is an award for you called Friends for the Journey,


  3. just saw it :) thank you so much :)

  4. i found you through Yvonne's blog. i applaud you for your 365 days of poetry.