Thursday, March 10, 2011

Poem #375

Hey guys :)
Still feeling sick and not getting much better :( but i've had a lot of time to write so that's good :)

Scrawling Lines
Black lines flowing  along the pages,
Scribbled out hastily, smearing slightly.
The words are barely discernible, slanting to the side,
But they convey an important message,
A message directly from the heart.
The ink bleeds through to the other side,
Filling up both of the blank white spaces.
The paper sits there for you to read, right in plain sight.
A message for your eyes, to pull at your heart.
The love is shown in each of the lines,
The emotions so strong and true,
As if you can feel it being emitted from the paper.
The thoughts are carefully placed, spread out.
But you can only think of one thing,
Even through all the emotions running in your body.
"I miss you".


  1. I sincerely hope you will feel better,
    Again I enjoyed your poem.


  2. Cool poem. I like the alliterative 'smearing slightly'