Monday, March 28, 2011

Poem #385

Sorry it's been so long :( But I've been writing everyday and I'm finally getting the chance to post them :) Enjoy!

Colors and lines flowing together,
Bringing out the emotions that fly through the air.
Building and image to stick for ever,
Always in your mind.
It makes a picture of joy, a memory of love.
Recreating the moment that once made you happy.
And as you stare at the portrait before you,
Your body and soul are pulled back in.
You fly on the wings of you mind,
As you live in the scene, experience everything once more.
Running through the open space,
Bringing the image to life around you.
Fly, soaring through the magic,
And then you are thrown back to the world.
Blinking, back to the present,
But having lived everything over once more,
When you were sure it was impossible.

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