Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Poem #388

Second poem of the day :)

Wishing Well
Stone circle, creating something dark and deep.
Dropping down, a passage into the earth.
Crumbling red stones stacked upon one another,
Topped with a gray-green shingled roof.
The bottom shines with water and coins,
Wishes, dropped down into infinity.
Hopeful souls, wishful hands,
Opening up to drop in the disks,
Releasing what transfers a dream.
Falling down, carrying the magic,
And splashing into the miniature pool beneath.
Drops fly up, sending the magic,
A tradition to warm all hearts and minds.
Feeling the power, receiving the chance,
To join the world in doing what you love.
A wishing well may not grant your wish,
But instead, provide you the opportunity,
To follow your dreams and make that wish come true.

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