Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poem #396

Last poem of the month :) finally caught up :) Thanks for being patient!

Running wild, flying free.
Building up a whole new world,
And bringing it completely to life in the mind.
Creativity sparked, everything falls into place.
The place you imagine, the people you create,
They are all almost tangible to you,
As you reach your hand forward into that life.
Flooding with happiness as you walk on air,
Feeling comfort from this lovely utopia,
Protected from the outside world,
And somewhere you can escape all the harshness,
The brutality of your everyday life.
Create someone you can talk to,
Share all the deepest feelings,
So they are no longer bottled up, waiting to burst.
You will leave this perfection once in a while,
Thrown back into the arms of the real world.
But you will always have that escape,
Locked in your mind forever.

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