Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poem #426

Yay all caught up :) Thank you all for bearing with me this month; it's been a tough month for me. But hopefully things will continue to get better and the coming months will bring consistent poems :)

I Promise
I promise, my love, that you are my only,
My heart and my soul, they are one with you.
Nothing can ever break us apart;
The bonds we share are too strong to destroy.
I promise that our whole world is true,
Nothing will ever break it down.
We live in a life so solid, built on our deepest feelings,
And purer than anything else on this earth.
We’ve built up a tough exterior around ourselves,
Protecting us from the thoughts and words of others.
The only thing that matters is the way we feel.
I promise that we are each other’s to have and to hold,
There for each other through thick and thin.
Whatever life decides to throw our way,
No matter the hurdles and trials on the path,
We will always be there to pick the other back up,
And get back on the right path.
And I promise that you will never hear,
A single falsehood ever spill from these lips.
Every spoken word holds so much power,
And each of mine holds truth.
So I promise, dear one, that I will keep this,
Hold this pledge in my heart forevermore.
Until the end of time, the end of all,
My heart is bound to yours.

Poem #425

Only one more until I'm caught up and back on track after this hectic month :)

Calling Home
Many years ago I said so long,
Now I’m reconnecting with the place I belong.
I’m gathering the courage I need to call,
The place where my life began to fall.
So much pain, so many trials,
And I have run so many miles,
To escape the memories of before,
But now they’re knocking at my door.
The thoughts I tried to get out of my mind,
Are the very things that bind,
Me to the place that I should be,
With all my loving family.
And I miss the days I once was there,
And all the memories that we share.
Some times were bad and other good,
But I’ve finally realize what I knew I should.
I belong back home with those I love,
And in the life I’m so proud of.

Poem #424

Almost caught up but most likely I'll have to post one or two tomorrow.

I cannot believe a word you say,
And I use to trust you more than anyone.
But you build up a world that wasn’t real,
Falsehoods to draw me into you.
You were the only one to brighten my day,
Pull me out of the darkness which held me captive.
I was hurting and you rescued me from the pain,
With the story I believed to be the truth.
But soon those lies became so clear to me.
I realized you weren’t what you said you were,
And my heart felt like it would break in two,
Because I had put so much hope in you.
It killed me inside to see what you did,
Realize that all I had known was fake.
You didn’t truly care for me as I thought,
You tossed me aside like I was worth nothing,
Threw hurtful words right into my face.
In your eyes, I suddenly became trash.
But what truly hurts me the most,
Is the fact that I still care for you.

Poem #423

Hope you guys have been enjoying all of the poems that I've posted to day :) just a few more and i'm completely caught up :)

Beautiful flowers, dotting the grass.
Soft buds of floral beauty.
Smelling so sweet, smiling up at you,
As the compliment the vivid green stretching out around.
The wild expanse of fields and rolling hills,
They adorn every inch of the ground below you.
I bend down into the waves of color,
Reaching my hand into their welcoming embrace.
I curl my fingers around one stem,
Carefully plucking the flower from its home among the rest,
And tuck it behind my ear, behind the auburn locks.
And I stand amid the flowers as the wind bends them back,
With the warm, spring air filling my lungs,
And I’m completely at peace.

Poem #422

Getting closer to being caught up :)

This life is like a fantasy,
I don’t think I can remember me,
Before all this magic began.
But if I try hard, I think I can.
This new world has taken over my mind,
And all new memories keep us intertwined.
Everything’s perfect, nothing could go wrong,
And our love keeps the world around us strong.
I won’t look back; I’ll never look back,
To the days that now appear pitch black.
The life I don’t want to think about.
I never want to have a doubt,
That this was the life I was meant for.
I’ll close and lock that other door,
That takes me to the past,
Which I never even wanted to last.
Now we can live the way we should,
A life we never thought we could.
Our love can finally blossom tall,
And even after all,
We will remain together,
Cause this fantasy will last forever.

Poem #421

Only five more and I'm caught up!! yay :)

Left Behind
Feeling forgotten, stuck in one place,
And I know you’re never coming back for me.
I miss you; think of you every day,
And picture your face in my mind.
I try to shake the feeling,
The feeling that I’ll see you come walking through that door once more.
The feeling that things will change, back to normal,
And you will come back here, take me along with you.
But my life has come to a standstill,
I’m stuck here, no way out and no way home.
Please don’t leave me behind.
I’ve lost all that I’ve ever loved,
As they moved on without me.
You tease me, you taunt me,
Act like you know everything about the way I feel.
But you never will, and you’ll never know,
How desperately I want to come back to the world,
How I want to move on, just as you are.
How much it hurts me to see you, progressing in life,
See the happiness that I should be feeling right now,
And knowing that I can’t continue on,
That I am stopped in this rut, trapped deep inside.
You pretend to understand, but you don’t.
So I just sit where I always am,
Watching the world run on without me,
Seeing everything rush by,
And not being able to stop it so I can take part,
So I can catch up and no longer be left in the dust.

Poem #420

Another fun rhyme!

Spreading your wings and taking flight,
Soaring through the skies at night.
Making wishes on a star,
Hope your dreams will take you far.
Leaving the earth to a world above,
Feeling beautiful like a dove.
Higher than the building’s top,
Fly upward, you’ll never stop.
Flapping your arms extremely fast,
You are begging for this moment to last.
The cool wind’s blowing through your hair,
While you are going as fast as you dare.
A new adventure lies around every bend.
Wanting this moment to never end.

Poem #419

Getting closer to begin caught up :) keep your fingers crossed and keep looking out for more poems :)

Washing over you, flooding in,
Water engulfing your entire body.
Entering your mouth, scratching at your throat,
And stopping the air from entering you lungs.
Swelling all around your head,
You plunge deeper into the icy depths,
As the water sends sharp, frozen daggers,
Piercing into your skin, your chest.
Drawing in a breath only brings more pain.
Lungs throbbing against your chest,
As they desperately beg for more air.
Arms fly out in all directions, legs kicking against the tide,
Attempting to push up, back up to the saving grace of air.
But no matter how hard the body tries to escape,
You cannot escape the water prison,
A place which is to forever be your home.

Poem #418

Another poem :)

Only One Night
There’s only one night,
One night to create memories,
For us to be by each other’s side,
Holding on as if to never let go.
One last night,
Before our life is taken away,
Stolen so harshly from our grasp.
We stretch out the memories as long as we can,
Making sure that we will never forget them.
One more night,
For our world to stay the same,
Before change comes in and shatters the delicate balance,
Ruining everything we have worked so hard for.
I want it all back, everything I loved.
The final night,
For life to stay the same as it was before,
Before the tides of change tear our love apart at the seams.
Running ahead with no thought to us, no care,
And leaving a wave of destruction in its wake.
Only one more night,
And we’ll never see each other again.

Poem #417

Hope you are all enjoying the poems so far :)

Broken Letters
Broken letters stain the page,
Marring the smooth, clean surface of white.
Spelling out tales of pain and anger,
And spots where tears have hit the paper.
Dark ink runs down the sheet,
Tears leaking from the scrawling words,
As they tell the story of sorrow you dare not read.
They pierce into the heart, mind, and soul,
Piecing together this story of misery,
Which seemed to escape your view.
Why didn’t you stop it in time?
You could have saved that life,
Kept those sentences from their construction.
Your hands tightly grip the terror,
Wrinkling the pages at the edges,
In an attempted to calm your nerves,
And focus enough to read the writing.
Steady your mind, your shaking body,
And plunge into the words,
Those that shoot daggers into your heart.
You could’ve saved the world from those broken letters.

Poem #416

A fun springtime rhyme :) This is also the name of a story that I'm going to begin writing very soon!!

Beautiful butterfly, flying so high,
Spreading your wings as you soar through the sky.
Gorgeous colors so vivid and bright,
As they sparkle in the morning light.
Delicate, perfect in every way,
Bringing a smile to light up your day.
Intricate patterns adorn each wing,
As they fly through the trees where the birds will sing.
They land on top of such beautiful flowers,
Recently dripped on by fresh, spring showers.
They long, sleek bodies are as black as night,
And they look so free when they take flight.
The weather is warm when they begin to come out,
And you start to see them all about.

Poem #415

The weekend is such a great time to write poetry :)

Trapped Inside
Build up the walls, indestructible,
No thought or chance of escaping the prison.
Holding me hostage, keeping me trapped,
And I desperately want to get out.
I want my old life back, my home,
Everything and everyone I’m missing in my life.
I wish to speak my mind once more,
To let all that has resided inside me for so long,
Flow out of my mouth to the ones that I love.
I need you to rescue me,
To save me from the demons inside.
Protect me from myself, my thoughts and feelings,
And open me up to the world once more,
When all I can do is hide.

Poem #414

My goal for the day is to be caught up by the end of the day! I hope I can do it!! :)

A delicious, red, fruity treat,
Juicy, soft, and sugary sweet.
A sign that spring and summer are near,
Everyone’s favorite time of year.
Easy to eat and fun to prepare,
Eating a million without any care.
A scrumptious taste that will raise your mood,
And give you a new happy attitude.
Top it with sugar; it tastes like a dream,
It even goes well with a side of whipped cream.
A popular flavor and pleasing smell,
A familiar scent that will always ring a bell.
You can never go wrong with a raspberry snack.
The first time you taste one, you’ll never look back.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poem #413

I'm slowly catching up! I hope you are all enjoying the many poems I've posted the last few days! I will definitely hope to get them up more consistently now that I'm feeling better. :)

Lost Promises
You rambled off promises, drawing me in,
Thinking it was the best way.
You tried to bend me to you will,
Wrap me around your finger and string me on,
With those pledges of glorious things.
Making yourself seem like all I ever wished for,
Wanting to give me all I ever dreamed.
You created a world, a persona,
And was I drawn wholeheartedly into it.
And when that mythical life failed,
When the delusion came shattering down around us,
You tried to lie your way out, though I knew the truth.
How heartless you were, to lead me on,
How cold and selfish, only thinking about you.
You never truly cared for me,
I never knew who you were.
But I am guilty too, just as much as you.
Oh how I wanted all of this to become real,
I played along, and when it all went wrong,
The one thing neither of us considered,
Was that we would lose ourselves as well.

Poem #412

Yay more! (I'm running out of things to say! haha)

Paper Stars
Paper stars, shooting across the sky,
Brilliant colors, folded up so tight.
Beautiful presents, so full of meaning,
And they are mine to hold forever.
Each star, symbol for a different feeling,
A different day, a fresh piece of your heart.
Each paper, hand crafted, delicate,
And put together with all the care in the world.
And on the very inside, deep in the core,
Different black letters scrawl across the surface,
Spelling out a unique message of our love,
Shining as bright as the real stars themselves.
These paper stars hold our hearts,
And will for years to come.
Never dying out, never becoming lost,
Never losing meaning or strength.

Poem #411

More poems :)

Delicate, frail, cracks at one touch.
Easy to knock down, set spinning into oblivion.
Ready to smash, break up into pieces,
Falling apart inside but barely holding on.
Held together with brittle strings,
Barely strong enough to work at all,
Though it may look tougher than anything else.
Battered, beaten, broken down,
Traveled through the harsh rapids of life.
Smashed against stones, torn at with brambles,
And yet one word, one tiny utterance,
Ruins years of effort,
Sending the final crack through the very foundation,
Severing the last bond that held it in this world.
And the feeble balance is broken beyond repair.
One fracture too many, too fragile.

Poem #410

Poems galore today :)

Broken Night

The calm of the quiet black is thrust aside.
The stillness of the world sans light is shattered.
Little bits and pieces come falling down,
Silent as their sharp edges hit the ground.

Razor sharp were the words you spoke,
Slicing through all that stood in their path.
The stars no longer glitter up high,
And the hours feels like they shall never go by.

You sent the whole world spinning, reeling,
And we wonder if it shall ever be whole once more.
But without a thought, without a care,
You left us, never to return there.

You left us here to live in turmoil.
We cannot escape, there's not a thought of fleeing.
To this world, my heart is bound,
And in my ears, I hear it's beats resound.

So we sit in wait, and pray for light,
For he came in and broke the night.

Poem #409

Another acrostic :)

Unknown faces, unusual sights and places.
Nothing like what you are accustomed to.
Foreign sounds, smells, and feelings.
Alien world, too much for the mind to bear.
Making your mind feel hazy, the world unclear.
Indefinite, everything seems to freeze,
Leaving life hanging, up in the air.
It’s something out of the ordinary,
And there is no way to comprehend the strange sights.
Remaining this way forever.

Poem #408

Hope you're enjoying the poems so far :)

Fading away, slowly dying out,
Becoming dimmer with each passing second.
Eyes squint to see, narrowed to slits,
While the mind struggles to grasp at something relatable.
Confusion, a blur of mixed up messages,
Crossing into your thoughts a thousand times each,
But not a single one making sense.
It begins to become hard to think at all,
Slowly spinning out of control,
And flying backwards, away from all known entities.
And slowly, your future disappears, your past erased.
Life. Gone. Memories. Gone.
Fade to black, never coming back.

Poem #407

I'm getting there :) Thanks for being patient :)

Sparkling so brilliantly and shining bright,
Happiness fills the watching pairs of awestruck eyes.
Illuminate the surroundings with joy and light.
Many different reasons for this wondrous appearance like,
Memories of older days, filling with laughter and love,
Even the look of a young child playing in the sun.
Release the inner feelings that build up over time,
Igniting the spark of gladness and light.
Never ceasing it's glorious show,
Going on with nothing to get in its way.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Poem #406

More poems coming :)

Find My Place
One day, I’ll find my place,
Decide what I can call my space.
Figure out what I’m meant to do,
Just like every one of you.
If this is where I’m meant to stay,
I need something to show me the way.
I know there’s somewhere I fit in,
That’s waiting for me to begin,
To live my life the way I should,
Much better than I thought I could.
I’ll never miss out on anything,
And will never know what each day will bring.
I know I’ll find my place quite soon,
And I’ll soar higher than the moon.

Poem #405

Ah I promise I will catch up soon! I'm finally feeling a bit better but I got so busy with the Easter holiday. But I'll try to get up a few poems today; don't give up hope! :)

Happiness flooding through musical beats.
Entering your mind and your soul.
A variety of beautiful tunes,
Dancing around in your head and your heart.
Playing the tunes that lift your spirits high.
Harmonious joy pours into your veins as you hear,
Ongoing strains of flowing lyrics,
Never becoming old in your mind.
Every refrain you’ve always loved,
Sounding within your ears through your,

Monday, April 18, 2011

Poem #404

Poems galore :) So glad I'm finally getting a chance to get these up :)

Dear Love
Dear Love,
I miss you smile that lights up my life,
The beautiful sparkle in the blue of your eyes,
That emits happiness to the world.
Dear Love,
I miss your touch,
Your arms enclosing me in a tight embrace,
Warm with love, kindness, and comfort.
Dearest Love,
I miss the sound of your voice,
The tinkling beauty of your laughter,
Like the gorgeous singing birds of spring.
And Dearest Love,
I’ll never forget your stunning face,
So full of joy, shining with splendor,
Each delicate feature so perfectly outlined.
You will always be mine, Dear Love,
No matter what lengths come between us.
No matter what troubles befall us.
You are always my Dear Love.

Poem #403

Another poem :)

Forever and Always
Forever and always, we’ll be together,
Side by side and hand in hand.
We were meant to last forever,
And I believe we will.
Through thick and thin, the good times and bad,
We’ve always helped each other back up.
We’ve withstood the trials that life has thrown,
And none can break between us.
The bond that connects us is made to last,
Stronger than any human, any earthly force.
That’s the way it was always meant to be.
Just you and me, joined together,
Facing life with the strength of two,
Forever and always.

Poem #402

Another acrostic :) (yes I know a cheated a bit on the "X" word! It's hard to think up words that start with X!! haha!)

Unknown surprise, jumping at you out of the blue.
Never having any idea what was coming.
Everything has suddenly changed.
Xtra special or frightening experience looming ahead.
Penetrating into each one of your thoughts,
Ever nerve is on edge, waiting to figure out what is happening.
Coming out of nowhere, sending your mind spinning.
They always say you need to,
Expect the unexpected, but that never works.
Days can sometimes bring the,

Poem #401

Ahhh, I'm still sick :( But I've been writing every day :) Hopefully I can get these all posted soon :)

Imagination running wild,
Making new creations with every second.
A whole new world has been unlocked,
Growing bigger with every passing minute.
Inventing new things, creating your world,
Never ceasing, endless waves of ingenuity,
Allowing you to arouse your deepest feelings and passions.
Thoughts are flowing freely through the mind.
Ideas, so unique and special, come naturally to you,
Varying greatly in size and inspiration.
Every moment, you become even more,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Poem #400

AHH 400 poems!! :O Wow that's a lot!
Sorry it's taking me so long to catch up but thankfully I'm beginning to feel a bit better now :)

Splash, splash, splash…
Squelching through the murky earth.
Fingers running along rough cylinders.
Heart pounding like a drum in the ears.

Pat, pat, pat…
Softly hitting the plush ground.
Touching flat, dry surfaces.
Arms stretched across the narrow path.

Crunch, crunch, crunch…
Pushing forward, through the brambles,
Thorns tearing, piercing the delicate skin.
Stand on the sharp, rocky edge.

Slap, slap, slap…
Forging the frigid white, along the slippery surfaces,
Sharp objects atop them cut at the arms.
Stand on the cold, smooth edge

Rush, rush, rush…
A light spray flying upward,
Sending a dew to settle on the body.
Chilling torment lies down below.

Rush, rush, rush…
With the turn of a hand,
The harsh rivulet pours on command.
The gentle spray remains.

Woosh, woosh, woosh…
Wet streams rush past the ears,
Floating weightless in the dark expanse.
Drawing one last gasp of air to fill the lungs…

Hush, hush, hush…
Go to sleep now, young one.
Close those eyes tight, rest your head back,
And dive into the depths of slumber.

Eternal slumber.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Poem #399

More poems :) I'll try to post as many as I can today :)
I got this idea from a good friend I've made recently on a writing site. She wrote an amazing story called "Peace Represent" (Check it out: I was just talking to her about it recently and thought that the theme of "representing" would be a good idea for a poem :)

Represent what you are inside,
Everything that you stand for in life.
Present yourself to the world with,
Resounding strength and courage in your voice,
Every single day of your life.
Show everyone who you are, what you believe,
Even though it might appear a frightening task.
No matter what people think of you,
The important thing to do is to,

Poem #398

Once again, sorry I've been gone for a while :( Busy week last week and on top of all of this I got really sick over the weekend and I've basically been flat on my back for the past three days :( And whatever I have is not supposed to go away for another week according to the doctor!!! But I've been writing every day despite the fact I haven't been able to post.  this will always be the case if I can't post for awhile and then I will just post them all when I get a chance to get back on the computer :) So here are some poems :) Hope you enjoy them!

Bright rays of golden yellow,
Streaming through the cracks in green leaves,
And the bends and curves of brown twigs.
High in the sky, shooting warmth,
Lifting the settling chill over the earth.
Glinting off the ripples of water,
And shining brilliantly in your eyes.
People admire the splendid view,
From behind dark circles that shade their sight.
Lighting the world up in a blast.
Taking it’s constantly circulating trip,
Through the clear blue sky and back.
Bring the hope of a new day,
It highlights the world with joy,
Something that we can depend on with our whole hearts,
To always be there for us.
No matter what, sunlight will come again.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Poem #397

Hey everyone :)
Happy April! (for some reason I woke up thinking it was February! haha) Oh my goodness; 3 more poems until 400!!! :O
Don't forget to vote everyday:

Marvelous colors, such brilliant shades.
A sign that spring has finally arrived.
Rising strait up from the ground,
In time for the warm wind to blow through them.
Green stem shooting high above the blades of grass,
Opening into a gorgeous masterpiece at the top.
Little blossoms, golden orange,
Dotting the green carpet as far as the eye can see.
Sweet little spring delights.